Staff Directory

CEO & Directors

Chief Executive Officer
Brandon Brooks

Assistant Director of Program Operations
Tiffany Wells, MS

Boys & Girls Club of Norman Assistant Director
Carlye McQuiston, MSW



Boys & Girls Club of Norman Unit Director
Vernon Hooks

Mission Advancement Director
Jodana Borden

Operations Director
Liz Biolley, MA

Program Staff

Academic Success Coordinator/OK Serves AmeriCorps
Sarah Morgan

BGCN Program Coordinator
Rasheida Collins

BGCN Program Coordinator
Tayler Taliaferro

Client Intake Coordinator
Sarah Kamis

Divorce & Co-Parenting Clinician/Therapist
Stephanie Pierce, M. Ed.

Divorce & Co-Parenting Program Coordinator
Debbie Marshall-Gill

Family Education Coordinator
Lisa Linke, M. Ed.

Family Educator
Meg Standefer, MSW

Kids Cafe Kitchen Coordinator
Alex Strout

Parents Assistance Lead Clinician
Ashley Muns, LPC

Craig Long, LPC

Jessica Hodges, LCSW

Katherine Bowling, MSW



Kelley Nedbalek, LCSW, IMH-E (IV) 

Lee Brandon, LMSW U/S
Youth Development Professional - OK Serves AmeriCorps
Mia Cousin

Youth Development Professional/OK Serves AmeriCorps
Amber Morton

Youth Development Professional/OK Serves AmeriCorps
Max Hearst

Youth Development Professional/OK Serves AmeriCorps
Riley Rogers

Youth Development Professional
Hunter Thorne

Youth Services Administrative Specialist
Marisol Faro-Suarez

Group Leaders
Caitlin Clonce
Heather Murphy
Kim Oliver
Kristin McIntyre

Administrative & Support Staff

Business Manager
Katherine Keith

Client and Volunteer Support Coordinator
Melanie Hetherington

Client Service Representative
Teresa Rodriguez

Communications Specialist
Amanda Pulis



Systems Analyst
Rachelle Cook

Mission Advancement Associate
Paige Uhr

Office Manager
Kristal Johnson