Denilyn 's Story

Denilyn’s Story

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When did you first get involved with CCFI? 

I began as a student in 1986 and was employed as Director of the Teen Parent Program in 1988. I later retired in 2008 as a Play Therapist with the Parents Assistance Program.  


Why were you moved to join CCFI as an employee?

I was thrilled to have a place to learn and grown while helping people.

What did you enjoy most about your work?

I loved working with people who faced huge challenges in life yet demonstrated resilience and worked hard to grow and change. Also, I loved the supportive team of professionals that I worked with on a daily basis.

What do you feel is the biggest impact CCFI has made on the community?

Wow… there are so many ways CCFI has worked to help children get their needs met. Parent education and support, therapy, Boys & Girls Club of Norman, high school daycare assistance through Baby Steps, divorce education and support. The list goes on and on!

What would you like to say to encourage others to get involved with CCFI, whether by donating or volunteering?

My core belief is that every child deserves to grow up safe, nurtured and loved. CCFI tries hard to address barriers to children experiencing this nurture.