50 Stories of Impact

Over the past five decades, our work has transformed countless lives. While we can’t tell each and every victory, we would like to highlight 50 of these inspirational stories, which serve as a true testament to our mission.  


View all of our 50 Stories here!

Sustaining Another 50 Years

As we enter our 50th year in the community, CCFI continues to serve children and their families who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing child abuse, neglect or other adverse experiences. With your tax-deductible gift, we can continue our mission to transform lives by providing comprehensive services to HEAL children, EMPOWER youth and STRENGTHEN families.

About Us

CCFI Mission statement

Center for Children and Families, Inc. (CCFI) began in 1969 as a shelter for youth, from birth to 18 years old, who needed a safe and nurturing place to stay while waiting to be placed in foster care. Known then as Juvenile Services, Inc. (JSI), we met a vital need in the community while laying the foundation for our mission “to improve the lives of children.” 

Today, CCFI continues to serve children and their families who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing child abuse, neglect or other adverse experiences throughout Cleveland County. Every day we dedicate our lives to create better and brighter futures for children and families in our community. Our work is based on the essential truth that healthy, supportive relationships form the basis of every baby and child's development and success in life.

Join us in our mission as we work toward giving all children the relational building blocks they need to grow into happy, healthy adults. Together, we can work toward giving every child in our community the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. 

What We Do

CCFI offers strength-based programs and services to aide and educate families coping with abuse, neglect, divorce, separation, teenage pregnancy, a lack of quality out-of-school care, and/or other adverse experiences.

While our continuum of care is broad, with services ranging in intensity, our focus has always been to ensure that all children have safe, secure, nurturing environments and caring adults in their lives.

Heal Children

We provide hope and healing to children, youth and families who have experienced all forms of abuse, neglect, and/or other traumatic experiences. Children’s play therapy, family therapy, therapeutic groups, and individual counseling help children and their biological, foster and/or adoptive parents achieve safe, stable and healthy family relationships. Counseling services are available to children and families throughout Cleveland County and surrounding communities.

Empower Youth

Our goal is to ensure that every child and youth living in Norman has access to safe, enriching out-of-school opportunities to support their social and emotional development, enhance and enrich their academic experiences, and help them realize their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. After-school services are available to children and youth ages 6 - 18 through Boys & Girls Club of Norman.

Strengthen Families

Every family has strengths and challenges that impact the lives of their children. CCFI supports healthy parent-child relationships and family functioning through parent education and support services, supervised visits and exchanges, home visitation for parents of babies and young children, and case management and referral services.  Services are available to families in Cleveland, Pottowatamie and Oklahoma Counties.

Annual Supporters

CCFI recognizes and thanks all donors who continue to make a difference in the lives of children and families we serve.


Anonymous Donors

$50,000 - $99,999

The JoAnne Loeffelholz Miller Family

$25,000 - $49,999

Herbalife | Kirkpatrick Family Fund | Norman Youth Foundation, Inc. | Sarkeys Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999

Cresap Family Foundation | Dobson Family Foundation | Eric  Fleske | HBC Champions Foundation | Jill & George LeVan | Kappa Kappa Gamma | Kathryn Roberts & Steve Rogers | Mary & Jim Waggoner | Oklahoma Bar Foundation, Inc. | Philip Boyle Foundation | The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation | Tom Russell Charitable Foundation | Vernon L. Smith & Associates, Inc.

$5,000 - $9,999

Bio-Cide International | Danielson Fuel Services | Dr.Shelba J. Bethel | Fowler Holding Company | Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC | Insurance Solutions by Irwin Agency | Jane & Michael Sigmon | Karen & Stewart Smith | Nextep Charitable Foundation | OCCY, Jack Chapman | Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma | Simon Fletcher Foundation | Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation | Tony Waggoner

$1,000 - $4,999

Angie Wright | Anne Taylor| B&B Foods - Norman, LLC | BancFirst | Barbara & Jay Scott Brown | Barbara O’Brien & Michael Carter | Benevity Community Impact Fund | Beverly & Donald DeWitt | BOLD Multimedia | Boys & Girls Club of America | Brandi & David Sullivan | Carol & Keith Reames | Carol & Scott Bauman | Cervi Family Foundation | Cherie & Bob Staples | Christie Woodman | Cindy Merrick | Cleveland-McClain County Medical Alliance | Communities Foundation of Oklahoma | Craig & Streight Orthodontics | Darlene & Charlie Bowline | Deborah & Jack Kitchens | Deidra & Fred Peters | Donna & Rhett Jackson | Donna & Robert McArthur | Donna Vint & Harry Wright | Dr. Paul Plusquellec | Erin & Eric Barnhart | Fellers Snider | Fellowship Church | Ferguson Management Group | Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund | First Baptist Church | First Christian Church | Gene McKown | Grady Carter | Hal C. Smith & Associates, Inc. | INSURICA Norman | Janet  & Steve Corley | Janet & Doug Tremaine | Jean Parker | Jennifer & Richard Newell | Jimmie Lynn & Billye Austin Foundation | Jodana & Will Borden | John & Lindy Ritz | Julia Chew | Kate Stanton | Kathe Green | Katherine Anne Taylor | Katie & Ryan Noe | Katie & Will Merrick | Katie Barwick-Snell & Daniel Snell | Katie Fitzgerald & Bradley Stevenson | Kim & John Giebler | Klaire Brassfield | Kris & Todd Booze | Kristen & Casey Partridge | Lea Ann & Steve Williams | Linda & Keith Miller | Lindsey & Br&on Martin | Lisa & Chuck Long | Lisa & Fred Gipson | LongHorn Steakhouse | Lynann Sterk-Brooks & Brandon Brooks | Lynne Miller | Mandie & Stephen Alexander | Mary Louise  &  Don Symcox | Melissa Scaramucci | Mike & Lisa Dionisio | Molly & Jim Crawley | Norman Pediatrics Associates | Norman Rotary Club | Oklahoma City Community Foundation | Paula & Ray Smalling | Renee & Jim Adair | RentKing, LLC | Republic Bank & Trust | Reynolds Ford, Inc. | Rhonda & Noble McIntyre | Richard L. & Charlotte Reynolds Family Foundation | Richard Wedel | Rita Claros & Mark Cox | Rivermont Retirement Community | Ruth Ann Edwards | Scott Shuler | Sharon & Rick Rentzel | Sharon & Tom Johnson | Sharri & Steve Clark | SportsTalk 1400 | Stefanie & John Chace | Steffani & Sam Allen | Sulia CPA Solutions, PLLC | Sylvia Danner | The Exchange Club of Norman | Tina Stinson | Tinker Federal Credit Union | Tulsa Community Foundation  | United Way of Norman, Inc | Wake Church | Walmart Neighborhood Market #5805 | Walmart Supercenter #212 | Walmart Supercenter #7294 | Zan & Bryan Waldenville

3 Anonymous Donors

$200 - $999

Aaron Reddell | Advanced Integrators, Inc. | Aisha Ali & Ali Jaffrey | Alan & Sue Velie | Albert L. Napoli Jr. | Allison Daugherty | Amanda & Casey Wise | Amanda & Kyle Allison | Amy & Mike Hobson | Amy & Ted Newton | Andrew Shelden | Angela & David Woodman | Ann & Galen Osburn | Ann Ritchie | Arvest Bank | Arvine Pipe & Supply Co., Inc. | Ashley Adair-Garner & Jared Garner | Barb & Lon Kruger | Barbara & Hugh Wilson | Barbara Rice | Becky & Jason Willeford | Becky O'Dea | Becky Roberts | Beth & Tom Ridgway | Beth Everitt | Betsy Brown | Boeing | Brenetta Brooks | Broce Manufacturing Company, Inc. | Buffalo Wild Wings | Carol Mason-Straughn | Casey & Bryan Vinyard | Casey & Heather Kirkes | Castleberry & Associates, PC. | Catie & Jim Barton | Chelsea & Ben Dunaway | Chris Davis | Christi Fransen | Christian & Steve Morren | Corey & Hannah Partridge | Cynthia Love | Danna Primm | David & Brenda Imy | Derrick & Sierra Wilturner | Dewberry Law Firm | Dirk O'Hara | Dr. & Mrs. Richard Krenek | Dr. Karlos & Jennie Hill | Dr. Marilyn Ogilvie | Elizabeth & Mike Eastmond | Emily Woodside | Emy & D. Wayne Trousdale | Eric Rollerson | First Fidelity Bank | First Presbyterian Church | First United Bank – Norman | Foster Signature Homes | Fran & Glen Roberson | Frank Casey | Fuzzy's Taco Shop | George Bauer | Gingerbread Nursery School | Gloria Jean & Phil Fenn | Guerry Moore | Haley & Steven Lee | Helen Swope | Holly & Lisanne Iker | J. Rodney Young | Jane Bowen | Janet & Bob Woodside | Janie Stratton | Jeanne & Joseph King | Jeff Pilkington | Jennifer & Bandon Neary | Jerald Wells | Jo Knapp | Joan Long | Jody & MacKenzie Britt | John Manfredo | John Paul Gorski | Jon & Erin Williford | Joseph Gil | Joseph Harroz, Jr. | Judi & Bob Hartsock | Judy & David Morse | Julia Anne Jordan | Julianna Kershen | Julie & Paul Stewart | Julie & Sherwood Taylor | Karen Allen & Doug Sterk | Kate Gaines | Katherine & Donovan Keith | Kay & William Woods | Kelley & Scott Nedbalek | Kelly Forristall | Kevin Jones | Kim & Scott Frakes | Kindle & Daniel Remington | Kourtney & Jake Hartsock | Krista & Eric Thompson | Kristi & David Carlson | Kristi Isacksen | Lashar Home Comfort Systems | Laura & Brian Hilgenfeld | Leslie  & Tyler LaReau | Leslie Osburn  &  John Cornwell | Linda Terrell & David Wilson | Linda Young | Lindsi & Stevie Niebur | Lisa & Sam Talley | Lisa Waterman | Liz Biolley | Loan Nguyen | Loretta Early | Lynne Tompkins-Siano & Joseph Siano | Lyntha & Charles Wesner | Maggie & John Coffman | Mary & Chris Carter | Maryanne & Jake Tullius | Matt Nash | Maureen & Jeff Crook | Meraki Real Estate | Mike Bosley | Moore Norman Technology Center | Mr. & Mrs. Saliba | Mr. Jay Spurlock & Dr. Sara Spurlock | Network for Good | Paige Uhr | Pam & Gary Clinton | Pamela Bell | Payam Nael | Philip Miller | Power Costs, Inc. (PCI) | Presbyterian Thrift Shop | Randall L. Sewell | Rebecca Davis | Rebecca J. Patten | Richard Smalley | Ricky & Kevin Boyle | Robyn & Michael Tower | Roger A. Sterk | Sahid Hasanovic | Samara Herrera | Sarah Williams | Sean Crandall | Sharghi & Dustin Lyles | Sharon & Bill Pyeatt | Sharon Grissom | Sheryl & Robert Wells | Sitel | Stephanie Royse | Sue Madole | Susan  & Dick Beyer | Susan & Bill Hetherington | Susan & Mike Hilgenfeld | Susan & Terry Boehrer | Susan Barnes | Susan Brandon | Susan Willige | Tina Kambour & Zev Trachtenberg | Tom Sherman | Tracy & Russell Bates III | Trisha & Dan Sterk | Valliance Bank | Van A. Vawter | Vicki & Jeffrey Anderson | Vicky & Aaron Bumgarner | Victor Wilson M.D. | Walmart Neighborhood Market #7308 | Wendy Perry | Whitney Alvis | Yogalife

13 Anonymous Donors

If there are any errors or omissions to the information presented, please contact Jodana Borden at jborden@ccfinorman.org 405-364-1420

Beacon Awards

To help commemorate our 50th anniversary, we have started a new tradition to honor individuals who have shaped the direction of our agency. The CCFI Beacon Award recognizes those who’ve made a difference, in ways both large and small, and who truly carry out our mission to heal children, empower youth and strengthen families. 


2019 Award Winners

CCFI is pleased to announce the very first group of Beacon Award recipients: Lynn Wendelbo, Robert “Bob” Staples, Jenny Brannon and Anne & Alan Brinkley. These individuals were honored at the 2019 Hands & Hearts fundraising luncheon, where they were each presented a beautiful custom piece of glass work created by Art Fusion Studio. To learn more about each Beacon Award winner, please view their profiles below.


LYNN is a retired play therapist who joined CCFI as a volunteer in the late 1980s. After falling in love with the agency’s mission, Lynn became a full-time employee who was instrumental in bringing play therapy practices to the counseling program. After her retirement, Lynn offered her professional services as a volunteer for many years and still remains an advocate for children and families.


BOB is an active community member who’s supported CCFI for more than a decade. Whether rain or shine, Bob volunteers weekly to manage CCFI’s recycling needs, all with a smile on his face. He is passionate about lending a helping hand and truly has a servant’s heart.


JENNY dedicates 10+ hours each week serving as the Boys & Girls Club of Norman Kids Café manager. Every day, she preps meals for at least 80 Club members, all while offering a shoulder to lean on. The Kids Café would not be able to run as smoothly as it does without her help and her assistance is both greatly needed and appreciated.


ANNE & ALAN are long-time agency advocates who have provided support in a multitude of ways. They have played a vital role in bringing new and innovative treatments to CCFI, with the most recent one being Trauma Drama. Their generosity, vision and selfless dedication has helped catapult the nonprofit to where it is today, and is what ultimately continues pushing the agency into bigger and better things.


2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

Board Officers

Mike Lawson

JJ Waggoner

Josh Edge

Victoria Bumgarner

Bryan Waldenville
Immediate Past President



Board Members

Catie Barton
Greg Castro
Jennifer Davenport
Beverly DeWitt
Lisa Dionisio
Breanna Honeycutt
Lisa Long
Xavier Neira
Barbara O’Brien
Casey Partridge
Tamara Pullin
Joe Siano

2018 - 2019 Meeting Schedule 

Monday, July 22, 2019 | 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Annual Meeting, location TBD


Thank you for your interest in joining Center for Children and Families, Inc.  Every day we dedicate our lives to create better and brighter futures for children and families in our community by carrying out our mission to heal children, empower youth and strengthen families. Together, we can work toward giving every child the opportunity to reach his or her full potential, because every child deserves to grow up safe, nurtured and loved. 

Our Promise to Protect Children 

CCFI provides a safe environment for children and youth to heal and grow. Our agency works to protect those we serve from abuse and maltreatment by carefully screening staff and volunteers, providing training on topics such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse awareness and prevention, and by continually monitoring adult-child relationships.

Unit Director - Boys & Girls Club of Norman


Boys & Girls Club of Norman at Center for Children and Families, Inc. (CCFI) is seeking a Unit Director to ensure that all programs and operations are aligned with Boys & Girls Club of America Framework for Impact, established CCFI and BGCA philosophies of practice, policies and procedures.  Club activities should be focused on producing the key outcomes of academic success, character and leadership development and the establishment and maintenance of healthy lifestyles in a fun and relevant environment.  The Unit Director will direct and manage the overall daily operations of the Boys & Girls Club of Norman with primary concern for programs & service delivery, supervision of youth development staff and volunteers, facilities management, school and community relations & membership administration. 



  • Serve on CCFI’s Leadership Team. Ensure Boys and Girls Club of Norman staff understands information from the Leadership Team as necessary.

  • Working with the Boys and Girls Club of Norman management team and CEO, establish and support the Boys and Girls Club of Norman, its activities & services that prepare youth for success and create a club environment to achieve Youth Development Outcomes.

  • Ensure a healthy & safe environment regarding facilities, equipment & supplies. Work collaboratively with the CCFI Office Manager and other staff to ensure the facility operates effectively.

  • Act professionally at all times with all staff, members & parents.

  • Manage and maintain an effective membership process.

  • Be physically present in Club services at least 80% of the time services are in session to role model leadership and positive engagement with Club members. Engage and interact with Club members regularly and participate in activities with them, mindful of role modeling for other staff.

Program Oversight and Impact Reporting

  • Oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of specific, age-appropriate, and effective programs, services and activities to ensure they meet stated objectives, member needs & interests.  Compile regular reports reflecting all activities, attendance & participation as needed.

  • Oversee the evaluation system for evaluating the impact of programs, services, and participation satisfaction.  Ensure relevant information is shared to all internal and external vested parties for purposes of grant reporting, marketing, etc. 

  • Ensure the Club recruits & retains members to maintain an average daily attendance of at least 100 students. 

  • Ensure programs/activities occur consistent with grant requirements. Oversee grant-specific program activities in accordance with established standards & goals and by working collaboratively with CCFI’s Mission Advancement Team. 

  • Adhere to Boys and Girls Club of Norman and CCFI policies and procedures, including behavioral management policies and being trained and knowledgeable about how conflict is prevented and managed at the Club. 


  • Ensure all staff and volunteers are effectively and appropriately trained according to the Boys and Girls Club of Norman training plan and CCFI’s training requirements.

  • Ensure that annual performance evaluations are conducted for all program staff and volunteers as determined by CCFI policies and procedures. 

  • Utilize positive direction with staff and an established supervision schedule of meetings, along with frequent check-ins, to ensure staff are sufficiently supported and that staff understand their roles and responsibilities.   

  • Ensure staff and volunteers’ work with Club members aligns with CCFI’s behavioral policy and Club goals.

Partnership Development and Stewardship

  • Develop & maintain positive professional relationships and partnerships with community leaders and organizations, as well as parents, teachers & school personnel.

  • Attend Advisory Council Meetings and other community meetings as required.

Administrative Oversight

  • Serve as a “super-user” of the Trax Solutions system with other designated program staff.  Enter data, analyze data and produce reports for programming and organizational planning as needed. 

  • Ensure that accurate and complete records are kept on all Club members, staff and volunteers as dictated by CCFI policies and procedures.

  • Ensure paperwork and other requirements with partners such as the Red River Community Corps and the University of Oklahoma are kept up to date and are submitted in a timely and complete fashion. 

  • Ensure incident reports and other reports are properly completed and coordinated with necessary parties and that procedural protocols are followed by staff.

Budget Development and Management

  • Work with CCFI’s CEO and the CCFI Leadership Team to develop and monitor the Boys and Girls Club of Norman budget and to make revisions to that budget as needed over time in accordance with CCFI’s budgetary policies and practices. 

  • Manage the Boys and Girls Club of Norman budget and ensure staff compliance with purchasing and other budget-related policies.

Internal and External Relationship Management

  • Ensure other CCFI departments understand and are engaged in BGCN to the extent needed in order to result in organization-wide clarity of roles, responsibilities and the effective coordination of facilities, services, and staffing.

  • Ensure complete and clear communications with all stakeholders.

  • Coordinate all external communications and marketing needs and products related to Boys and Girls Club of Norman with CCFI’s Communications Manager and Mission Advancement Director.


  • Minimum requirements include Bachelor’s Degree in a related field (e.g., education, social work, psychology, sociology, human relations, etc.) and at least three years of related experience working in a youth development setting; Masters’ degree preferred.

  • Training and supervisory experience are required.

  • Must pass a criminal background check and participate in annual background checks as required by CCFI.

 Send current resume and three professional references to lbiolley@ccfinorman.org or Center for Children and Families, Inc. (CCFI) ATTN: Liz Biolley, 210 S. Cockrel Ave., Norman, OK 73071.



Volunteer Coordinator

Full-time, salaried position

Boys & Girls Club of Norman at Center for Children and Families, Inc. (CCFI) seeks an individual to coordinate, plan, and implement activities and training for Boys & Girls Club of Norman volunteers. This position serves as a volunteer liaison and interacts with volunteers daily. This position will on-board volunteers, provide orientation, track hours and monitor daily services of program volunteers. The position is also responsible for providing direct service to Club members as a caring adult role model and leader during programming.  This position reports directly to the Unit Director whose responsibilities include overall direction and management of Boys & Girls Club of Norman services.  This position is a full-time position with benefits.  Candidates must be available to work 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday during the academic school year, and 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday during the summer months. Schedule may vary seasonally.


  • Work closely with the Boys & Girls Club program directors to develop and implement on-boarding, orientation, and training for program volunteers

  • Serve as the team volunteer coordinator to build rapport with community members, volunteer groups, and individual volunteers

  • Manage volunteer schedule and place volunteers in appropriate areas as needed by the Club

  • Provide direction and support to a team of staff and volunteers providing Club services for children and youth

  • Provide observations, consultation and recommendations for individual children attending Club services

  • Lead group lessons and services during Club operating hours

  • Provide case management services to families as needed

  • Participate in quality improvement activities to continuously improve programs, team functioning and Club operations

  • Assist Unit Director to establish and maintain community networks and partnerships by making presentations, attending relevant meetings and coordinating service delivery and case management as needed or assigned

  • Participate in CCFI agency meetings including required Site supervisor weekly discussions and trainings

  • Participate in Boys & Girls Club of America trainings as required


  • Must be a U.S. citizen at least 18 years of age with a minimum of a high school diploma or GED

  • One year of youth development experience preferred

  • Some post-secondary (college) education or training is preferred


  • Must pass criminal history and other background checks 

  • Computer, data and electronic media proficiency  (MS Office)

 Send current resume and three professional references to lbiolley@ccfinorman.org or Center for Children and Families, Inc. (CCFI) ATTN: Liz Biolley, 210 S. Cockrel Ave., Norman, OK 73071.


Work Study

A variety of different work study opportunities are offered year-round through our partnership with the University of Oklahoma.  Please see the available opportunities listed below.   

Youth Development Professional (Work Study)

This is a part time position that provides youth development services to Club participants at Boys & Girls Club of Norman.  This position involves researching, coordinating, planning, preparing and facilitating activities for Club members as assigned and working under a Program Coordinator of Boys & Girls Club.  This position must be available to work during the academic year, 3 days during the week days from 2:30 – 7:30 p.m.


  • Provide mentoring for Club members

  • Coordinate planning, preparation and facilitate activities including arts and crafts, sports, games, and presentation of a social and emotional learning and other curricula as assigned

  • Provide support to Club members and members’ families using strengths based approach

  • Attend all required program staffing and other meetings, workshops and trainings

  • Use behavior management skills, structure, and positive leadership to act as a caring adult role model for youth

  • Follow all CCFI policies, procedures and safety guidelines


  • Minimum requirements include a high school diploma or GED and at least one year of related experience

  • Additional education, youth development and leadership experience is strongly preferred

  • Must pass criminal history and other background checks

Send current resume to Rasheida Collins at RCollins@ccfinorman.org or Center for Children and Families, Inc. (CCFI) ATTN: Rasheida Collins, 210 South Cockrel Avenue Norman, OK 73071

Front Desk (Work Study)

This is a part time position that provides reception and support services to Club participants and their families at the front desk of Boys & Girls Club of Norman.  This position involves tracking attendance of Club members on a daily basis, handling BGCN phone calls and providing other administrative tasks as needed. This position must be available to work during the academic year, 3 days during the week days from 2:30 – 7:30 p.m.


  • Greet, welcome and provide customer service to members, families and callers

  • Keep front desk equipped with all necessary materials (pens, forms, paper etc.)

  • Manage upkeep on common areas –cleaning/straightening/organizing

  • Perform basic clerical duties, including answering phones, copying, and filing

  • Provide support to Club members and members’ families using strengths based approach

  • Attend all required program staffing and other meetings, workshops and trainings

  • Use behavior management skills, structure, and positive leadership to act as a caring adult role model for youth


  • Minimum requirements include a high school diploma or GED and at least one year of related experience

  • Additional education, youth development and leadership experience is strongly preferred

  • Bilingual proficiency in Spanish preferred, but not required

  • Must pass criminal history and other background checks


Send current resume to Rasheida Collins at RCollins@ccfinorman.org or Center for Children and Families, Inc. (CCFI) ATTN: Rasheida Collins, 210 South Cockrel Avenue Norman, OK 73071



A variety of different practicum opportunities are available for undergraduates and graduate-level students seeking training to gain professional experience or fulfill a degree requirement. For more information, please direct all inquiries to Deanna Wilkinson, Clinical Director, at DWilkinson@ccfinorman.org.


Champions for Children Campaign

In August of 2014, Center for Children and Families announced that it raised over $3.9 million during the Champions for Children Capital Campaign to complete the purchase and renovation of a facility specifically designed to improve and expand services for children and families.  

The renovated facility, located at 210 S. Cockrel, is the first agency-owned building since CCFI’s inception in 1969. This facility has allowed CCFI to double the time children and youth can participate in after-school and summer services; expand its therapeutic program for children who have experienced child abuse, neglect, or other traumatic experiences; and integrate prevention and education services for families under one roof. The new facility has also allowed for the expansion of community partnerships, which CCFI considers to be a critical strategy for addressing the complex needs of children and families.

Center for Children staff, Board of Directors, clients, and supporters are all immensely appreciative of the following foundations and donors who made this project possible.

Visionaries ($100,000 - $499,999)

John Campbell, Sr.
Le Tour de Vin: Cross Timbers, Norman & Sooner Rotary Club
Norman Youth Foundation
Sarkeys Foundation
Tom Russell Charitable Foundation

Legacy Donors ($500,000+) 

The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation
The JoAnne Loeffelholz Miller Family


Sustainers ($25,000 - $49,999)

Anderson-Vukelja Foundation
Arrow Oil and Gas
Shelba J. Bethel
Bio-Cide International
Barbara and Jay Scott Brown
The Sharri and Steve Clark Family
Cleveland-McClain County Medical Alliance
Crawley Family Foundation
Fowler Holding Company
Herbalife Family Foundation
Jill and George LeVan
Cindy Merrick
Norman North High School SPUD
Republic Bank & Trust
Bob Stoops Champions Foundation
Top of the World
Vernon and Lori Smith Family

Investors ($50,000 - $99,999)

The Farzaneh Family
Eric Fleske
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation
Norman High School - Tigerpalooza
Kathryn Roberts & Steve Rogers
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation
The Kirkpatrick Family Fund
The Phillip Boyle Foundation
Sonia Seabrook Gans
The McKinney Partnership

Guardians ($10,000 - $24,999)

Dobson Family Foundation
First Fidelity Bank
Jimmie Forister Trust
The Graves Family
Ideal Homes
Insurance Solutions by Irwin Agency
Journey Church
Judy and Gene McKown
NorthHaven Church
OEC Foundation
The Oliver Foundation
Richard L. and Charlotte Reynolds Family Foundation
Jaci McAfee Williams
Sooner Copy Machines










Advocates ($5,000 - $9,999)

Renee and Jim Adair
Jamie Belknap
Amy and Courtney Brackin
Shirley and Art Breipohl
Linda and John Campbell, Jr.
Janet and Steve Corley
Rita Claros and Mark Cox
First American Bank
Gymboree Play & Music of Norman
Judi and Bob Hartsock
Immuno Mycologics (IMMY)
Donna and Rhett Jackson
The Kerr Foundation
Lisa and Chuck Long
unter Miller Family
Lisa and David MillingtonKandi and Rick Nagel
Libba Smith
Lisa and Sam Talley
Kay and Bill Woods
The Forest Group
Katie and Will Merrick
Deidra and Fred Peters
Waggoners Heating and Air

Mentors ($1,000 - $4,999)

Mehdi Azimi
Artman Appraisal Company
The Bank of America Foundation
Erin and Eric Barnhart
Bob Usry and Sons
Susan and Terry Boehrer
Jody and MacKenzie Britt
Debby and Larry Burns
Margaret Cejda
Cleveland County Abstract
Pam and Gary Clinton
Jane and Manning Close
Craig & Streight Orthodontics
Angela and Patrick Dorney
Jennifer Edwards
Ferguson Buick - GMC
First Presbyterian Church
Dolores and Hiram Fitzgerald
Judith and Don Garrett
Samia and Joseph Harroz, Jr.
Samia Harroz Design
Kathy and Harold Heiple
Joan Johnson
Karen and Ronald Kirkpatrick
Bonnie and Kevin Kloesel
Lashar Home Comfort Systems
Judith Evans and Perry Lovelace
Paulette and Tom McCaleb


Jenna and Mike McIntosh
Linda and Keith Miller
Patricia Gilman and Paul Minnis
Diane and Phillip Moershel
Oklahoma Hospitality Club
Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center - Norman, P.C.Barbara and Steve Owens
RBG, Inc.
B.K. Reed
Kirk Reed
Lindy and John Ritz
Martha and Donald Roberts
Royal Printing Company
S.P. Rieger, LLLC
Jeri Saliba
Mary and Don Sherman
Richard Smalley, III
Kate Stanton
Cherie and Bob Staples
Katie Fitzgerald and Bradley Stevenson
Mary Louise and Don Symcox
Pam and Robert Talley
Glenda Thomas
Walton Family Foundation
Barbara and Scott Alan White




We would also like to thank our dedicated Campaign Cabinet, the McKinney Partnership Architects, Republic Bank & Trust, Sun Construction Services and Grossman and Keith Engineering for their commitment and leadership of this project. 


Jim Adair
Mehdi Azimi
Mackenzie Britt
Mark Cox


Cindy Merrick
Chuck and Lisa Long
Honorary Chair
Sherri Coale


Jamie Belknap
Darlene and Charlie Bowline 
Anne and Alan Brinkley 
John Campbell Sr.  
Bridget and Adam Childers
Pam and Gary Clinton
Molly and Jim Crawley
Sam Fulkerson 
Jeanne and Joe King  
Judith Evans and Perry Lovelace 
Gene and Judy McKown
Marrae and Dan Quinn  
Patti Rogers    
Scott Shuler 
Katie Barwick Snell and Dan Snell 
Linda Terrell     
Jaci Williams

Shelba Bethel
Amy and Courtney Brackin
Mike Bumgarner
Robert Castleberry
Sharri and Steve Clark
Janet and Steve Corley
The Farzaneh Family
Donna and Rhett Jackson
Jill and George LeVan
Andrea and Randy Marler
Steve Owens
Lindy and John Ritz
Cindy and Jim Rosenthal
Libba Smith
Mary Louise and Don Symcox
Chuck Thompson


210 S. Cockrel Ave., Norman, OK 73071
We are located on the corner of South Cockrel Avenue and East Eufaula Street



Phone: 405-364-1420
Fax: 405-364-1433

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



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Liz Biolley, MA
Operations Director

Jodana Borden
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Jessica Hodges, LCSW
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Emily Banfield
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Rasheida Collins, MS
BGCN Program Coordinator

Jordan Cotton
AmeriCorps Member

Marisol Faro-Suarez
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Patricia Hardimon
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Debbie Marshall-Gill
Divorce & Co-Parenting Clinician

Ashley Muns, NCC, LPC-S
Parents Assistance Lead Clinician


Jordan Parker
Intake & Support Coordinator

Amanda Pulis
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Teresa Rodriguez
AmeriCorps Member

Alexa Sheppard
AmeriCorps Member


Tayler Taliaferro
BGCN Program Coordinator


Kayla Whitlock, LPC
Parents Assistance Clinician


Sarika Willis
AmeriCorps Member


Joshua L. Wolfe, M.Ed., BHCMII
Divorce & Co-Parenting Lead Clinician