Teen Parenting Services

Teen parents often have a higher drop-out rate for high school completion, are less likely to attend post high school education and may struggle with abuse and neglect.  For nearly 25 years, CCFI has offered parenting groups for pregnant and parenting teens - particularly in partnership with the Norman Baby Steps Coalition,  with terrific success.  In 2016, 90% of CCFI’s teen parent Seniors graduated high-school - this is more than twice the national graduation rate for pregnant or parenting teens.  Many Cleveland County teen parents can access Home visits and individual/family counseling through other services at CCFI as well.  

Baby Steps Groups are peer-led, staff supported and focus on:

  • Pregnancy/Childbirth Readiness
  • Feeding
  • Early childhood development and learning
  • Sleeping Struggles
  • Setting Positive Limits
  • Finding Resources
  • Setting Family and Parent Goals
  • Getting to Graduation and Beyond
  • Housing
  • Applying for Colleges/Job Training
  • Relationship Issues


How to Enroll

For students currently enrolled in Norman Public Schools, talk to your school counselor to learn more about the Baby Steps Program, or contact Kelley Nedbalek at 405-364-1420 or KNedbalek@ccfinorman.org.