Kate's Story

A Donor's Story

By Kate Stanton 

Several years ago a CCFI Board Member invited me to the agency’s annual luncheon, Hands & Hearts. From the statistics to the personal story shared, my heart was touched and a seed of interest for CCFI was planted in my soul. As I sat there with my iPhone in hand (on silent) and designer bag on the chair next to me, I realized I could and must do something to help this agency that helps so many.

As a champion, my $83.33/month could potentially rescue a family much like someone else’s donation helped my family years ago. After my parents’ divorce in 1987, my family received services from Tarrant County (Ft. Worth, Texas) Family Services, Inc. Much like CCFI, Family Services offered counseling and support as my family redefined our normal. As my family endured addiction and mental health challenges, I’m certain the services and resources we found in Family Services and private counseling led to our healthy, lifestyle choices today.

Someone supported Family Services for me. Now I want to support CCFI to help out another 11-year-old girl.

Maybe, just maybe she’ll grow up and sit in a luncheon during her workday and realize she too can make a difference.

-Kate Stanton
CCFI Board President, 2013-14