Jake's Story

As a single father, 19 year-old Jake was the primary parent for his 1 year-old son, Tyler. Tyler's mom had been in and out of treatment for substance abuse and was no longer a part of her son's life. Alone and unsure of how to raise Tyler by himself, Jake's dreams for his own life seemed bleak. He didn't have the support he needed to finish high school and work a full-time job to provide for his little boy.

When Jake came to CCFI's Teenage Parenting Program, he found a nurturing staff that gave him support, confidence, and steps for a new start. He received weekly home visits to help him learn about parenting his beautiful little boy. Jake made it a priority to attend weekly educational parenting groups. He was encouraged by the support he received from CCFI staff and the other parents in the program.

Jake and Tyler are now thriving! Jake enrolled in a GED program and works full-time at a grocery store. With the help of Center for Children and Families' staff, he applied for assistance from local and state services to help him make ends meet. He plans to further his education so he can become a mechanic and make a better future for his family.