Infant Communication

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One of the best ways to connect to your baby is through verbal communication.  An activity that is enjoyable for parents and babies is called “Talk Abouts” from the Parents As Teachers curriculum.  Below you will find several different ways to communicate with your baby, as well as ways to enrich what you are already doing!

  • Take opportunities to talk to your baby throughout the day.  Tell them what you are doing when you change their diaper, during feeding, bathing and play time.  Read books to them and sing songs as this stimulates a love for reading and music. All of these activities help you communicate with your baby and makes them feel nurtured and safe.

  • Take a “walkabout” around your home and neighborhood go to the grocery store and tell them about what they see.  Baby will let you know if they want quiet time, so watch for those cues (turns away, no eye contact, fussing, etc.) so that they won’t be overstimulated.

  • Use a soothing voice with a higher pitch and stretch out the words.  This way of speaking catches their attention. This is called “Parentese” and it is different than our everyday way of communicating. 

  • Your baby will be learning communication skills as they hear you talk to them and name people, places, and objects.  You will see that baby will begin to really understand what you are saying over time.  The most important takeaway from this activity is the beautiful way the parents bond with their baby to build a lifelong attachment.

Results + Outcomes

Our Bringing Up Babies Parent Education Coordinator uses these communication building skills in weekly home visits to help teach parents how to communicate to their babies.