Cotton Ball Hockey

Supplies Needed

cotton ball hockey pic.jpg
  • Cotton balls

  • Plastic straws

  • Any kind of hard surface (table, desk, etc.)


1) As the child and caregiver sit on opposite sides of the table, the caregiver places one cotton ball in the center

2) On the caregiver’s signal, the child and caregiver use straws to try and blow the cotton ball off the other side of the table

You can also make variations such as:

  • Make a goal using any household items (salt/pepper shakers, pencils, etc.) and see who can be the first to score 3 goals

  • Start “passing” the cotton ball back and forth and see if you can work together by blowing hard to keep it in the middle of the table

  • Count how many blows it takes to get to the other side of the table 

Results + Outcomes

This activity comes from Theraplay®, an attachment-based play therapy aimed at enhancing connection between children and caregivers, and building a child’s confidence through the relationship.  Activities utilized are focused on the goals of structure, engagement, nurture, and challenge.

This particular activity focuses on structure: “Purpose of Structuring activities is to organize and regulate the child’s experience.  The adult sets limits, defines body boundaries, keeps the child safe, and helps to complete the sequences of activities.”

An additional benefit of this activity is that it can help regulate a child because it utilizes deep breathing, which helps calm the body.