Collaborative Drawings


Supplies Needed

  • 2 or more people (at least ages 3 and up)

  • Paper (folded into fourths lengthwise)

  • Something to draw with (crayons, markers, pencils, etc.)


1) The first person draws the head and neck. Fold the paper so only the bottom of the neck shows.

2) The Second person draws the torso. Fold the paper so only the bottom shows.

3) The third person (or first again) draws the hips to the knees. Fold the paper so only the bottom shows.

4) The last person draws the legs from the knees down and the feet.

5) Unfold the drawing and see what your creation looks like!

Results + Outcomes

This project helps connect the child and the caretaker by having them work together to complete a shared task. It allows independence of the drawer to be creative in their own right, but still work as a team. As the drawing is unfolded, talk to the child about why they drew each particular thing and why you drew what you did. This will help promote communication between the caregiver and child and help talk about emotions and a creative way to express them.