Family Education

CCFI provides a range of effective services to heal children who have been wounded by relationship trauma, empower youth to reach their full potential as caring adults and strengthen families who are struggling with parenting challenges. In addition to these services, we provide prevention and education for both individuals and families. From group parenting classes to individual therapy session, we believe that objectives are vital to becoming a successful family unit.

Below you will find several free resources to improve your relationships and help you connect with your family in a deeper, more meaningful way.   


Summer Play Series

We created the Summer Play Series to help parents and caregivers to connect with their families on a deeper level. By allowing and encouraging children to play, they feel free to openly express their feelings with actions rather than words. Through this educational campaign, our in-house experts will share family-friendly activities and games focused on making playtime both fun and meaningful.

Collaborative Drawings


This unique and challenging art project helps promote communication between the caregiver and child and encourages creative expression. To learn how to engage in this activity at home, click the link below!


Sidewalk Chalk

This outdoor art project helps build teamwork between participants and is an easy way to share positivity. To learn how to engage in this activity at home, click the link below!

four kids drawing with chalk overhead view.jpg

Infant Communication


Talking to your baby is a great way to connect and build a lifelong attachment. To learn more about effectively communicating with your baby, click the link below!


Cotton Ball Hockey

Cotton Ball Hockey comes from Theraplay®, an attachment-based play therapy aimed at enhancing connection between children and caregivers. To learn how to play this activity at home, click the link below!

cotton ball hockey pic.jpg
calming jars.jpeg

Calming Bottles

Calming bottles can be utilized as a self-regulation tool to help children who are overstimulated or upset calm down. To learn how to create this project at home, click the link below!