TeenAge Parenting

Supports pregnant or parenting teens in Norman, Moore, and surrounding cities by providing school-based peer-support groups, home visits, parent support and education classes, and need-based transportation that focuses on teaching young parents how to provide nurturing, safe, and healthy lifestyles for their families.

Teen parents in this program learn about pregnancy and childbirth, useful baby care tips and parenting skills, and receive parenting ideas from friends and experts. This program gives expectant or teen parents the opportunity to grow with other moms and dads who are in the same situation and begin friendships for their self and their child.

TeenAge Parenting Program staff works with families in the home, at local schools, advocating for families in local service agencies and in transportation assistance. Parents have the opportunity to have their children screened for developmental milestones.

We are a proud partner of the Norman Public Schools Parents as Teachers Program and utilize this wonderful curriculum to engage young families in multiple settings. The TeenAge Parenting program at CCFI saw 96% of the teens enrolled in this service, who were eligible for graduation, receive their high school diplomas in 2009, a 63% higher rate than the national average.

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