For Brighter Futures…


We have been privileged to be involved with CCFI since 1998, as a Board Member (Jill) and a Planned Giving Committee Member (George) and have gladly continued our support over the years for a number of reasons.

We know that by directly addressing such issues as co-parenting for divorced parents, keeping teen parents in school and helping adults develop better parenting skills, CCFI helps to break the ugly cycle of abuse and neglect. We strongly believe that if you give a break to a small child or a teen parent early on, the benefits will be seen for years to come. We would rather invest in our community’s children now than in our state’s correctional institutions later.

We like the idea of keeping our donations in Norman. CCFI’s services are provided locally and the money we give stays right here in our community to help the very children we see on the playgrounds and in the grocery stores.

We have had the opportunity to see for ourselves the hard work of the professional CCFI staff and their dedication to providing high quality and comprehensive services to their clients. We’ve seen how CCFI can stretch a dollar so that a very large percentage of our giving goes to direct services. We know that every dollar we give to CCFI is appreciated and is carefully and thoughtfully used to make Norman a better community.

-George & Jill LeVan