Carolina’s Story

Carolina holds her 2-month-old son in her arms.  He has constantly cried for days and she worries that something is wrong with her new baby.  Carolina has tried to tell the doctor the problem and now waits with her brown eyes wide open.  She stares at the doctor in front of her.  She understands that he is trying to communicate to her, but she does not recognize the words from his lips.  She leaves his office discouraged.

Carolina is from Venezuela.  She knows little English, but the doctor only spoke English.  Everywhere she goes Carolina is unable to understand those around her.  Ever since moving to America without her family she has become very isolated.

Carolina also has a lifetime of pain bottled up inside her.  Growing up she endured emotional, physical and sexual abuse.  Her past experiences mixed with the unfamiliarity of her new surroundings have spiraled Carolina into depression.  Carolina’s husband, Miguel, is desperate to help his wife.  He learned of the Bringing Up Babies program through a friend.

After entering the program, the family met Marisol, the program specialist.  Marisol’s warm smile and true concern for their well-being caught Carolina and Miguel off guard but they were even more shocked when Marisol greeted them in Spanish.

It has now been three months since Carolina and Miguel met Marisol.  Every week, she meets with the family and teaches them various activities to interact with their baby. Carolina and Miguel are loving, nurturing parents. Carolina has asked Marisol to help her find an English class and even has begun to open up about her painful past.

Miguel and Carolina needed a bridge to the world around them, and staff members from the Bringing Up Babies program have not only given them a path to walk, but have walked with them.

(Note: details such as the name, age race, or gender may have been changed to protect client privacy.  All pictures used by CCFI are only representations of clients.)