Ashley’s Story

Seventeen-year-old Ashley was alone. She didn’t know where to turn after being kicked out of her parents home for being pregnant. Ashley had grown up accustomed to being hit by her step-dad, and had experienced sexual abuse when she was younger from her uncle who still lived in the home. She couldn’t raise her baby in this abusive home knew she needed to find a better way.

Ashley found help through our Teenage Parenting Program. CCFI staff member, Kelley, helped her find prenatal care and housing and encouraged her to stay in school. Kelley drove her to appointments, listened to her, offered advice, and let her know that she cared.

Ashley found support at CCFI’s school groups where she could get to know other girls in her situation. When the baby came, Kelley was first to the hospital to celebrate Ashley’s new baby girl and offer emotional support.

Ashley finished high school last May and is excited about what the future holds. Her baby girl is happy and healthy, and Ashley is learning how to be a good mother for her little one.


(Note: details such as the name, age, race, or gender may have been changed to protect client privacy.  All pictures used by CCFI are only representations of clients.)